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Half-Life 2 (not) gold on Monday?
Half-Life 2 (not) gold on Monday?Valve impostor drops a golden bomb on the Half-Life 2 Fallout forums; stalwart site operators get to the bottom of the hoax.

The long, dramatic saga of Half-Life 2 development cycle may finally be coming to a close. Earlier this evening, Gabe Newell, the head of Valve Software, left a short but sweet post on the HL2Fallout.com forums, simply stating "Were going gold Monday..."

added on the 2004-08-29 by admin::3DFilez.com // comment (0)

Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone - Goes Gold
Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone - Goes GoldAtaris Dungeons & Dragons-based action adventure game set to ship for the PlayStation 2 on September 14; Xbox and PC releases set for November.

Atari today announced that Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone has gone gold. The action adventure game will ship for the PlayStation 2 on September 14, and Xbox and PC versions are both scheduled for November releases. The game is rated "T" for Teen and will retail for $49.95.

added on the 2004-08-29 by admin::3DFilez.com // comment (0)

PS2 WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw going online!
PS2 WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw going online!THQs PlayStation 2 game will be the first wrestling game to feature head-to-head online play, and it will sport real wrestlers voices

After months of "no comment," THQ has revealed that WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw will indeed have online play. Though THQ officials did not dole out many details, they did say SmackDown! vs. Raw would offer online head-to-head bouts. Since the game is PlayStation 2 exclusive, it will obviously not be on Xbox Live.

Although SmackDown! vs. Raw will be the first wrestling game with online play in the US, it is not the first such game in the world. In May, SmackDown! developer Yukes and Enix released Online Pro Wrestling: The Champion of the Network in Japan.

added on the 2004-08-25 by admin::3DFilez.com // comment (0)

Rise of Nations: Gold Edition announced
Rise of Nations: Gold Edition announcedMicrosoft has announced a special edition of its acclaimed PC strategy game Rise of Nations. The "Gold Edition" will include the original game as well as the Thrones & Patriots expansion pack, which was released in April. The game will sell for $29.99 and has a fall 2004 release date.

added on the 2004-08-25 by admin::3DFilez.com // comment (0)

Counter-Strike Source Beta Update Released

An update to the Counter-Strike: Source beta has just been released. Steam will update itself automatically when you restart. Here is a list of the changes: COUNTER-STRIKE: SOURCE BETA CHANGES / ADDITIONS: Fixed players being able to trigger a screen shake on other players Fixed Shift-F1 debug panel being accessible when cheats are disabled Fixed server browser not being displayed Improved refresh rate selection behavior

added on the 2004-08-25 by nugget::3DFilez.com // comment (1)


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